CW Kiwi Kids

Kiwi Kids is a group, drama and outdoor activity based program that covers such issues as the choice and consequences that surround anger, understanding emotion, communication skills, self-esteem, identity and transition. This program is for boys aged between 9 and 12 years who may have experienced difficulties concerning anger, isolation or self-esteem and may require assistance as they move towards being teenagers.

Kiwi Kids involves an introductory evening for caregivers (not attended by the boys) followed by 7 weekly two-hour sessions and an activity day, which may involve an outdoor activity such as tramping or kayaking. We often introduce animals and skilled handlers from the SPCA Animal Outreach organization to draw the group’s attention towards the relationship and communication needs of others.

Skilled facilitators will appropriately introduce an enquiry around family issues, male identity, respect, responsibility and self-reliance. The Kiwi Kids Program is primarily designed to work in a school environment.