Youth To Manhood – 16 Week Programme

Youth to Manhood is a 16-week group program, run by skilled and experienced men, designed to meet the needs of male youth aged from 14 to 17 years.

This is both an educational and cultural experience that grows the participants towards an appreciation of responsibility, self-reliance, emotional maturity and respectful relationships with themselves, their families and their community.

Week by week over four months we participate as a group in modelling and developing, skills, knowledge, respect, self-esteem and identity.

ChangeWorks’ Living without Violence program is acknowledged and endorsed by the NZ Youth Court, the Department of Child, Youth and Family Services (CYF), NZ Police and the NZ Department of Education.

Program Topics

  • What is anger?
  • What is abuse?
  • What responsibility do I take for my thoughts, feelings, and actions?
  • Strategies and skills to deal with my emotions
  • What I need to know about communication
  • What I need to know about esteem, mine and others
  • How has my Family of origin shaped me?
  • Relationship issues with other people
  • Substance and addiction issues
  • Power, what is real power?
  • Where am I going, goals and motivation?
  • Where do I choose to be in this community?