Youth To Manhood – 7 Week Programme

A 7 weekly session programme for teenage boys. The irresistible call to manhood. “A teenager faces the most significant transition of his life”. No longer a boy and irresistibly drawn towards the world of men, the experience of growing up can be lonely, confusing and frightening. To become a good man, youth need to be around good men; to share their experiences, to be mentored, acknowledged and affirmed.

The young men who participate in the Youth to Manhood Program will develop an appreciation of respectful relationships, not only with their peers, family and community, but also with themselves.
As a group, we create an enquiry around responsibility, respect, esteem, identity; a sense of culture, community, self reliance and emotional maturity.

During the 7 weekly sessions of the Youth to Manhood Program we will create a group enquiry that focuses on three essential questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I going?
  • Who is coming with me?