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Talk to Us: 0800 326 327

Talk to Us: 09 836 1987 / 0800 326 327 Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.00

West Auckland Women’s Refuge

Family Action runs the West Auckland women’s refuge for victims seeking safety from family violence.

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Family Action Outreach supports all people in crisis who are experiencing family violence.

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ACC Sensitive Claims is ACC funded support following sexual abuse or assault.

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Sexual Harm Crisis

Family Action specialises in providing free and confidential support in West Auckland for survivors of sexual harm and their family/whanau.

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Change Works Programmes

Family Action Change works programmes for young people living without violence.

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Counselling for those affected by family and sexual violence, abuse and trauma.

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Here to Help

Family Action offers a range of services for those who have experienced abuse, trauma, family and sexual violence.  These services include counselling, outreach, women’s refuge and youth programmes.  We provide a caring confidential place to talk about issues that affect relationships, family & sexual violence, abuse and anger issues for children and young people.  We also provide ChangeWorks programmes for youth at risk.

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Your Questions

Q: How Much Will it Cost?

ACC Sensitive Claim counselling & Ministry of Justice Safety programmes are free.  There is also no cost for our Outreach service.

We are only partially funded, so If you are not eligible for ACC or Ministry of Justice programmes, then we do ask for a donation towards your counselling. This can be negotiated depending on your circumstances.  Your ability to pay will not inhibit your entry to service.

Q: Is it confidential?

You confidentiality is very important to us we will respect your privacy, unless your or another’s safety safety is at risk.

Q: What happens when I decide to go to counselling?

We will ask you to complete a detailed referral form, which can be done either of the phone or in person at our office.

You will be put on a waiting list, when a therapist becomes available they will be assigned to you and will make contact with you to set up a day and time to begin counselling.

There will be an initial assessment, if it is a child that is receiving counselling we talk to parents and the child together to learn the background to the family and the issues that are being faced, and to flag up any areas of concern. We then agree a time and place to meet with the child every week.

Q: What is a protection order?

A Protection Order is a legal document to protect you (the applicant), your children, and anyone else named on it.

The abusive person named on it,( respondent) , must not go to your house, neighbourhood or work place and must not follow you or contact you nor the children named in the order in any way, including texts, calls and social media, unless specific arrangements have been made and you are agreeable. They may not encourage anyone else to harass, intimidate or assault you. They must surrender firearms to the Police, and are usually directed to attend a stopping violence programme by the Court.

As the applicant you and your children will be entitled to funded safety programmes which help you plan for safety and help you process what has happened to you.

A Protection Order can include an Occupation/Tenancy Order so that the applicant can occupy the family home and the respondent has to move out immediately. If this occurs your home can be protected by asking your local refuge for assistance from Whanau Protect. This service provides locks and additional security so you can stay at home.

Q: What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is intentional and persistent abusive behaviour which is based on an unequal position of power and control. Domestic violence can include a range of behaviours used by one person to control another with whom they have, or have had, a close or family relationship.

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