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Cover image of Survivor Self Help booklet
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Survivor Self Help

A booklet to help you understand how your mind and body respond to trauma after sexual harm and to help you find safe and healthy ways to process what has happened

Cover page image of Supporting Young Survivors booklet
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Supporting Young Survivors

This booklet aims to give you ways to help and support your loved one while they heal and move forward in their lives after experiencing sexual harm.

Cover page of Understanding Family Harm booklet
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Understanding Family Harm

This booklet aims to help you understand and make sense of your experiences with Family Harm

Cover image of Court Support Journal booklet
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Court Support Journal

A guide to help emotionally support and prepare you for your journey through the court system.

Court Support Services | ARCS Manawatu

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Supporting Victim-Survivors

Family Action provides confidential support in West Auckland for all victim-survivors of family harm, sexual harm, abuse, or trauma. Your experiences may be historical or current. We will provide support to you and your family/whānau.

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Are you concerned about your relationship? Abusive behaviours can be physical actions or they can be more subtle. It can be saying things to you or feeling forced to do something because you’re fearful of their reaction.

Take an anonymous online test to check how your partner or ex’s actions impact you.

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