Family Harm Crisis Support

Family Harm Crisis Support

Our family harm team supports people who have experienced abuse in a family relationship. We provide a caring and confidential place where you can talk about your concerns and the violence or abuse that you are experiencing.

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Our Family Harm team supports people in West Auckland who have experienced abuse within a family relationship. We provide a caring and confidential place where you can talk about your concerns and the violence or abuse that you are experiencing.

Family harm can affect everyone in the family. Our team aims to understand the full situation to best support you and your whānau.

Our support is open to everyone, regardless of your decision to stay or leave the relationship. We will work with you to determine the best way for us to support you and your whānau.

We can provide

  • A safe place to talk with a knowledgeable social worker
  • Women’s Refuge
  • Safety plans
  • Crisis counselling                                          
  • Information about protection and custody orders
  • Support with your victim impact statement
  • Referral to relevant services
  • Support to install safety alarms and other home safety improvements
  • Advocating for your safety & wellbeing to other agencies; for example to your employer, Work and Income, Housing, Courts, etc.

Common questions you might have

Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about this service.

How Much Will it Cost?

All of our services are free. However, we are only partially funded so if you would like to donate, please click here.

Is it confidential?

Your confidentiality is very important to us. All support is confidential.

There are some limits to confidentiality, for example, we will report the risk of harm to you or others.  We will keep you informed if this does need to happen. We will talk to you about confidentiality at the start of your support and you will be able to ask any questions then.

Do I need to report my situation to the police?

For some, making this complaint can be a really important part of healing from what happened, and starting to feel safe again. It is entirely up to you whether you want to report to the police. We will explain your options and support you whatever decision you make.

Can I still get support if I want to stay in my relationship?

We will offer you support regardless of your decision to leave or stay in a relationship. We will explain your options, and support you in whatever decision you make. We will make a safety plan with you that takes into account your individual circumstances.

What is a protection order?

A Protection Order is a legal document to protect you (the applicant), your children, and anyone else named on it.

The person named on it (respondent) must not go to your house, neighbourhood or workplace.

They must not follow you or contact you nor the children named in the order in any way, including texts, calls and social media, unless specific arrangements have been made and you agree.

They may not encourage anyone else to harass, intimidate or assault you. They must surrender firearms to the Police and are usually directed to attend a ‘stopping violence programme’ by the Court.

As the applicant, you and your children will be offered to attend a free safety programme which help you plan for safety and help you process what has happened to you.

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Supporting Survivors

Family Action provides confidential support in West Auckland for all victim-survivors of family harm, sexual harm, abuse, or trauma. Your experiences may be historical or current. We will provide support to you and your family/whānau.

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Are you in an abusive relationship?

Are you concerned about your relationship? Abusive behaviours can be physical actions or they can be more subtle. It can be saying things to you or feeling forced to do something because you’re fearful of their reaction.

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