About Us

Our Vision

Whānau Toa – Strong Flourishing Families.

Our Mission

Safety Recovery Renewal


  • Whānaungatanga – We build relationships and act in ways that strengthen others.
  • Manaakitanga – We show respect, generosity and care for others.
  • Tino Rangatiratanga – We actively listen and provide information to enable people to fully participate in decision making.
  • Pono – We act with integrity, taking responsibility for what we say and what we do while striving for best practice.



Family Action was formed in 2012 following a 2 year collaboration project between Waitakere Abuse and Trauma Counselling Service (WATCS) and Western Refuge. This amalgamation brought together two agencies with a wealth of experience in caring for people who have experienced trauma, family violence and sexual violence.

Who we are

Our clinical team of staff are a diverse group of trained professionals that specialise in providing counselling and social work supports. We are skilled in working with adults, youth, children and families who have experienced trauma, family or sexual violence. They are ably assisted by our administration team who help our clients access the right services and welcome them into the agency.

Our CEO-Michelle has 30 years’ experience in the health and social service sector as a practitioner and in management.

She is passionate about making sure that our community gets the very best service and are able to make the most of opportunities that become available to gain healthy rewarding and safe lives.  Family Action encourages people, children, families and young people to achieve their potential and Michelle is proud to be a part of that work.

The agency is supported by an experienced and passionate governance board. Their role is to ensure that the charity complies with all of its legal and regulatory requirements and that the charities governance is of the highest possible standard.  The committee includes a mix of community stakeholders and talented professionals. Chair – Linda Cooper, Secretary – Kathryn Lawlor, Rehana Sher, Josie Wall, Rachel Morriss-Jarvis, Rachael Chandra and Tevita Funaki.