We are always grateful for one off donations direct to our bank account:

Family Action: 12 3071 0229228 01 – (please put donation in the reference)

10,000 Voices

A lot of our clients live in fear and are unable to voice their concerns. You can be their voice.

By setting up an automatic debit from your account to ours of only $1 a pay check, you can help us advocate for those that can’t advocate for themselves.

100% of all donations this way will go directly to services for families trying to live free from violence.  In effect YOU become their voice until they become strong enough to find their own.

The goal of our campaign is to sign up 10,000 voices that strongly give the message to our clients that they are believed, they are heard and they are supported.  Please stand behind them and show them that ordinary people can do extraordinary things!

To become a Voice:

Talk to your employer about Payroll Giving, OR

Set up a direct debit to:

Family Action: 12 3071 0229228 01 – (please put 10,000 voices in the reference)

Thank you for helping us, to help our clients!