Family Violence

The Family Action Family Harm Team supports all people in crisis who are experiencing family violence. We provide a caring and confidential place where you can talk about issues in your relationship and the violence or abuse that you are experiencing or have experienced. No appointment is needed.

Your needs and wishes will always be respected by us, as the care and safety of you and your children is our priority.

Our Services

Woman’s Refuge

Sexual Harm
Family Violence
Support For Young People Youth Programmes

We Can Provide

  • A safe place where you can explore your options
  • Women’s Refuge
  • Safety plans and options
  • Crisis counselling and intervention services
  • Information about protection and custody issues
  • Support with your Victim Impact Statement
  • Court Advocacy
  • Referral to relevant services
  • Ongoing support
  • Telephone support and advice

Your Questions

Is it confidential?
You confidentiality is very important to us we will respect your privacy, unless your or another’s safety safety is at risk.
How will the Protection Order work?

If the Protection Order is breached or ignored, for example the person named on it tries to contact you in any way – you should report it to the Police immediately. If you are dissatisfied with how the Police respond to reported breaches, please ring Family Action for advice. The abuser may then be arrested, go to prison or pay a fine.

A Protection Order is also kept on the abuser’s Police file (but it does not show up on a Police check, for example if that person applies for a job requiring a Police check).

It is important to make copies of your order:

Keep one in your handbag
Keep one at home
Give one to your employer, or minimally keep one with you at work
Give one to your local Police station (yes, the Police should have access to it through their computer files, but this will ensure they have access to your order regardless)
Give one to each child’s school/day care and talk to the principal about making sure that staff do not allow the respondent to access your children

What is a protection order?
A Protection Order is a legal document to protect you (the applicant), your children, and anyone else named on it.

The abusive person named on it,( respondent) , must not go to your house, neighbourhood or work place and must not follow you or contact you nor the children named in the order in any way, including texts, calls and social media, unless specific arrangements have been made and you are agreeable. They may not encourage anyone else to harass, intimidate or assault you. They must surrender firearms to the Police, and are usually directed to attend a stopping violence programme by the Court.

As the applicant you and your children will be entitled to funded safety programmes which help you plan for safety and help you process what has happened to you.

A Protection Order can include an Occupation/Tenancy Order so that the applicant can occupy the family home and the respondent has to move out immediately. If this occurs your home can be protected by asking your local refuge for assistance from Whanau Protect. This service provides locks and additional security so you can stay at home.

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