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Talk to Us: 0800 326 327
Talk to Us: 09 836 1987 / 0800 326 327 Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.00

Our Services

Family Action encourages women and children to achieve their potential.

Women’s Refuge

Family Action provides a women’s refuge for victims who are urgently seeking safety.  Each case is assessed and a safety plan created with you.

We have strong links with the women’s refuge collective and will refer you on to ensure your safety needs are meet.


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We can provide:

  • A safe place where you can explore your options
  • Women’s refuge
  • Safety plans and options
  • Crisis counselling and intervention services
  • Information about protection and custody issues
  • Ongoing support

Your Questions

Q: Who can I tell where I am?

The less people who know where you are, the safer you will be.  You must not tell anyone the address of the women’s refuge, both for your safety and the safety of the other women staying in the home.

Q: How long will I be in the Women’s Refuge?

You can stay for anything from one day up to three months, depending on your needs.  Our advocate will work with you to create a plan and help you access housing, legal and budgeting help.

Q: How much will being in Refuge cost me?

This will depend on your circumstances and how many children you have staying with you, but we will always provide assistance to access benefits you may be entitled to.  Your ability to pay a contribution will not be a barrier to your safety.

Q: What is Women’s Refuge?

Our women’s refuge is a home where you can be safe.  You will pay a contribution towards your and your children’s accommodation and provide your own food etc.   We will help you by creating a safety plan with you, making a plan to live free from violence, and advocate on your behalf to access budgeting assistance, housing etc.

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Contact Family Action Waitakere Women's Refuge

13 Edsel Street
09 836 1987