Support For Young People Youth Programmes

Our youth programmes offer a range of group and individual programmes and therapy either on site or in schools.

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Support For Young People Youth Programmes

Youth to Manhood 7 Week Programme

The young men who participate in the Youth to Manhood Program will develop an appreciation of respectful relationships, not only with their peers, family and community, but also with themselves.

Kiwi Kids

A group, drama and outdoor activity based programme for boys aged between 9 to 12 years old who may have experienced difficulties concerning anger, isolation or self esteem.

Living without Violence for Young Men

A 16 week group programme run by skilled and experienced men, to meet the needs of male youth aged from 14 to 17 years, to develop skills, knowledge, respect, self esteem and identity.

Living Without Violence for Young Women – 16 Week Programme

A 16 week group programme run by skilled women who understand the needs of young women aged 14 to 17 years old, developing a sense of respect and trust, cultural identity and self esteem.

Related resources

You are welcome to call our client liaison staff, who can discuss your needs with you

Man Alive

Man Alive was set up in 1996 to provide much-needed services for men and boys. Its goal is to actively promote positive manhood and strong relationships.

0800 826 367

Big Buddy

Big Buddy is a free, secular, mentoring service run by dedicated professionals who recruit and rigorously screen male volunteers from the community to become mentors to fatherless boys.

09 828 1358